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November 2019 Poplarville 3-Gun match results

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Weather was a factor again today, but in a good way. It was a great day to be outside enjoying our sport. Short sleeves were fine pretty much from the start, with sun and a light breeze to keep it very pleasant. It seemed that a lot of shooters noticed that and came out to have some fun in the woods. We had 21 shooters for 3-gun, which is a great turnout for us. At one time, we had 25 registered, but it is normal for 10-15% of those registered to not make it to the match. Today, those “excuses” included strep throat (acceptable…), had to go dove shooting in Mexico (jealous…), to well I just enjoyed the extra hour of sleep so much… (NOT acceptable!)

I was concerned that several of the stage designs would rub people the wrong way but based on the comments at the end of the match, they actually seemed to enjoy the challenge. OK, maybe a really tough memory stage in 3-gun isn’t a great idea, but it was different. And the unloaded start stage was “not normal” as well, but it, too, had some benefit. That benefit was a humbling lesson in loading your shotgun on the clock. Yes, it is slow if you don’t practice it a lot. So, I guess things worked out, as they always seem to. Good stages make you think and point out where you need more practice. If you came away thinking you need more practice, then I have done my job.

It’s starting to sound like a broken record when it comes time to award the trophies, so let’s just do it. Your winner today was your winner last month, and likely winner next month, Kevin Leonhardt. The margin of victory today was troublesome, at least to everyone else. Kevin won the overall match by approximately 24%. Now, you might say that shooting Open division is an advantage, and it is, but not that much. He is just that good. (See, I have to say that so as not to offend the sensitive egos of those under him who make him look so good.) And if you need more proof of his abilities, then read this. There was a petition started after the results were announced to no longer allow Kevin to walk the stages in future matches. Unfortunately, I am not sure that would do the trick. But enough of the winner-bashing. In second place overall was Morgan Leonhardt, who certainly got some good shooting genes from her father, but also has her own skills learned the old-fashioned way, by hard work. James May took first in Scoped Tactical with a very respectable score and was 4th overall.

We had a couple of first-time 3-gun shooters today and while this match was pretty hard for a first timer, it seemed to get their competitive juices flowing. I think they really enjoyed themselves. We have found that once you give it a try, it’s easy to get hooked. Thank you to the new shooters for coming out, and we hope you will make this your must-go-to match for 3-gun. And, of course, thank you to everyone who came out today to enjoy good weather and (apparently) great stages.

A special thanks goes to Chris Brown who volunteered to come help set up yesterday. I truly could not have made this match happen without him. Thank you to everyone for getting the props picked up, and especially to Chris who retrieved the long-range steel. I didn’t see if he had any help with that, and if he did, then thanks as well to that unidentified shooter. Match day is always a long day for me but the help at the end, the comments from the shooters about the stages and everything in general make it all worthwhile. You are the reason I keep doing this.

The match scores can be accessed by clicking the score computer to the right.

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