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November 2018 Poplarville 3-Gun match results

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Once again, a nice day was missed by many of the regulars. There were only 11 shooters today, but they enjoyed some interesting, and different stages. It’s tough coming up with something different each month, but somehow, it seems to work every time. There was something for everybody on at least one of their stages. The weather also cooperated and made for a great day, environmentally. The cloud cover kept the temperature at bay and it was kind of Goldilocks all day long (not to hot, not too cold, …).

With Kevin shooting the Voodoo on the Bayou 3-Gun match, the top spot was just waiting for a new face. The face that actually showed up wasn’t exactly new to the winner’s circle, but he hasn’t been there too much recently. Back on top of the heap with a consistent performance all day was Wayne Alcock. While he only won one stage outright, he was second on the other three and that was what got him the win. Jeremy Comardelle took second and has been shooting a lot of PRS lately. It really showed on the long range rifle stage. He crushed the 16 long range rifle targets with only a couple of extra shots overall while most shooters were averaging 3-4 shots PER TARGET to get their hits, IF they even got their hits. And he did it quickly winning that stage outright. We also welcomed a new shooter to the world of competitive shooting today. Thanks for coming out, Eric. You did great for your very first match, ever!

Thank you to everyone for helping to get the props picked up at the end of the match. Its a huge amount of work setting up the stages and it would be even more if we had to take it down without the help at the end of a long day.

The match scores can be accessed by clicking the score computer to the right.

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  1. scubabill@aol.com
    November 5, 2018 at 10:02 AM

    Nice recap Bill, maybe I will be able to make the next 3-gun. Have a nice day Regards, Bill Musa

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