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September 2018 Biloxi (DSSA) pistol match results

The threat of rain seemed to scare off a bunch of people today (38 total shooters, down from 56 at the peak of registration), and it’s too bad because we had a quick but challenging match today. Only one pistol shooter managed to shoot clean (way to go, Gerald!). We shot 3 classifiers in addition to 2 regular field stages, with the thought being we would get rain around the middle of the match, and we wanted to try to move things along to head that off. It turned out the weather man was full of baloney today, because we were never even threatened by rain. 

The classifiers were challenging in their own right. One featured a bit of everything with 3 strings that included 3 draws, two mag changes and strong hand and weak hand shooting at a mix of open and partial Classic targets. Another required little to no aiming, but focused on how rapidly you could squeeze the trigger 5 times in a row. The field courses featured a good mix of partials with a few open targets thrown in to make you change gears often.

When the scores were finally synced, there was a new face at the top of the heap. Congratulations to Chris DiMenna for the Overall win and the PCC division win. He was over 8% ahead of the next closest shooter. Coming in second Overall and first in Open was Roger Henn. Steve Tannetta took the Limited title, with Tommy McGuire winning Production. Sam Conway scored the Single Stack victory, while Matthew B Dozier won Carry Optics to round out the podium. In a bit of an anomaly, Gerwin Henn, our local GM Limited stud, decided to shoot Open today and managed a very respectable second in that division. While he thought that was pretty great, the rest of us know that his skill easily transfers even to a dot gun. But he was still 14% behind Roger in Open, so he ain’t quite ready to run with the big dog just yet!

We finished shooting before Noon, thanks to the quick stage designs, and were on our way shortly after, thanks to the great help from our shooters in getting everything picked up and stowed away. We appreciate the help, everyone! For those hoping to pull a Jefferson (“Movin’ on up”, in classification, that is) from the 3 classifiers today, check the USPSA web site on Wednesday morning to see the great news.

For the complete match results, click the score computer at the right. Kindle Practiscore








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