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September Brothers n Arms USPSA Pistol Match Results

Fall doesn’t officially start until September 23, and you could certainly tell by the temperature at today’s match!  Forty folks braved heat indexes over 100 degrees to come out to shoot six fun and challenging stages.  Hats off to Justin Green for once again putting together a great mix of stages.  Thanks also to everyone that helped with setup and tear down, none of this would happen without you!  On to the scores.

The Dupuy brothers made their return after a summer off from our match, and did so very impressively.  Both placed decisively in the top five overall, but the day belonged to Blayne Dupuy.  He was the clear winner both overall and in the Carry Optics division.  In the number two spot overall and first in Limited was Steve Tannetta, though David Pape fought through a nasty hand injury to come in third overall and number two in Limited.  Bryce Dupuy killed it in Production while Bill Mahley and Bill Jackson fought it out in Open, with Mahley coming out on top.  Don Albares won PCC, Karen Hooper was first in Single Stack and Jim Lowman rounded out the divisions by winning Revolver.  Full scores can be found on USPSA.org by clicking here and on Practiscore by clicking here.

Now, a confession on my part. Some of you noticed that the Classifier was not set up properly and brought it to my attention.  I argued at first, as I had double checked all of the measurements this morning and spent a good amount of time making sure that I had the targets stapled and arranged according to the diagram.  When I was told that the problem was that the targets were placed to high, I even challenged them to put a measuring tape to it.  Then it hit me, like the proverbial ton of bricks.  The diagram called for the targets to be placed 58 inches high at the shoulder.  My eyes misinterpreted 58″ as 5′ 8″ and my sleep deprived brain declined to put up any sort of argument at all.  This, of course, resulted in the targets being placed 10 inches too high.  My sincerest apologies to all for the error.  Obviously, I cannot upload that stage to USPSA as an actual classifier, so it has been uploaded as a regular stage.  In looking at the scores, barely a fourth of the competitors shot the stage clean, so maybe it won’t be too big a deal or most of you.   I know it certainly isn’t for me…….modified_loser_smiley_by_prince_of_powerpoint

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