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August Brothers N Arms USPSA Pistol Match Results

Well, like the man said, sometimes you just get lucky.  The morning in Hattiesburg was foggy and over cast.  Thunderstorms in other parts of south Mississippi caused some shooters to withdraw (you know who ya’ll are…I think you just wanted an excuse to stay in bed).  Less than an hour after the match was over, the rain began in Hattiesburg and continues even as I write this.  Today’s special classifier match, however, went off without a hitch from the weather, a rarity this year for the clubs in our area.

We had 45 guns at the range today to shoot six fairly challenging Classifiers.  Things moved quickly, both during the match and with breakdown.  This type of match is quick to shoot, but takes extra effort to set up correctly, so many, many thanks for the help with setup this morning.

When all was said and done, today’s overall winner was very clear.Brandon Guillory left no doubt, winning overall by nearly 11% and PCC by over 40%! Though he started the day as Unclassified, I don’t think he ended it that way.  Russ Smith had a strong day, taking second place overall and first in Carry Optics. Third overall goes to Bill Jackson, as well as first place in Open.  Full scores can be found here on Practiscore and here on USPSA.org

Enrollment for membership in the Brothers N Arms USPSA chapter will remain open for next month’s match.  If you weren’t able to attend and join today, this will be your chance to do so.  A $25 dollar annual membership fee reduces your match fee from $20 to $15.  If you shoot the match six times in the next twelve months, you’ll be making money and it just makes sense to join.  In any event, see you at the range!

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