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Brothers N Arms November USPSA Match Results

The day dawned clear and cool, and while the clouds threatened rain for part of today’s match, the real weather challenge turned out to be the wind as this front moved in.  It blew down targets, walls, steel, even a whole bank of barrels at one point.  But it didn’t stop 40 shooters from having a great day at the Brothers N Arms range today.  The stages were nice and big, with lots of movement and a good round count.  I think everyone found something in the mix to be challenging today!  A big thanks to the Dupuy family again for all of their help with set up during the week and to all the great shooters that helped with final set up this morning and with tear down.

The battle for second overall was simply phenomenal, with Blayne Dupuy taking both it and the top spot in Carry Optics by the smallest margin I’ve ever seen – just .037% ahead of Trey Nicholson, who was our winner in PCC and number three overall.  The star of the day by far, however, was Josh Benton, whose decisive 11%+ lead earned him both the overall winning spot and the number one position in Limited.  Bill Jackson had a good day, coming in fourth overall and first in the Open division. Lee Frasier rounded out the top five overall and came in second in Open.  Bryce Dupuy showed his stuff in Production with a strong margin of nearly 5% to seal the top spot and Bill Davenport simply owned the Single Stack division.

Full scores can be found on Practiscore by clicking here and at USPSA by clicking here.

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