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November 2017 Poplarville pistol match results

Dawson PrecisionLast month, we got rained out by a hurricane. This month kinda looked that way this morning, minus the winds. It hadn’t rained around here in about 10 days, but just in time for our match, the Rain Gods woke up. If you lived anywhere south of the range, you drove through a lot of rain on the way. It wasn’t heavy but it was annoying. Many of you, as did I, expected the road in to be sloppy. Instead, we dodged a huge bullet and found the rain had pretty much ignored the range and everything was fine. There may have been more moisture from the dew than the rain. We were certainly owed a good day after last month.

Although online signup was showing a big potential turnout, we lost a few more than normal to the weather threat. But that was still enough for 4 perfectly sized squads (41 shooters total) to shoot the 6 perfectly crafted stages. The weather during the match was just about perfect, as well. Cool, cloudy and little to no wind made for a very pleasant day. Things moved along nicely, and we were done just a bit after Noon.

The battle for top dog was tighter than normal today and when the scores were tallied, it wasn’t decided by a clean scorecard, but instead, it came down to total time. For the second week in a row, John Nguyen won the match in Poplarville. Now, that may not sound like too big a deal, but hear me out. John is a great shooter who is often near or at the top of the list. His win today was close, by just a bit more than 1%. Last week, though, he shot the Poplarville 3-gun match using just his open pistol and basically lapped the field.  When you can win a 3-gun match with just a pistol, you are something special. Congratulations, John!

His first place in Open was followed closely Roger Henn (Open), who was also second overall. In Limited, Robert Jones had a great match to win that division and shoot 94% of the winning score. Jason Welch took the PCC honors, while Bill Mahley won Carry Optics. Production was very challenged today with lots more reloads than the Hi-Cap crowd, but that didn’t stop Bryce Dupuy from taking that division with a very respectable score, even with some new gun issues. And, last but not least, Karen Hooper was the best in Single Stack today. Congratulations to everyone for staying safe, as we had no DQ’s today.

We had one brand new shooter today and one or two more who were out for their second or third try at USPSA. Hopefully, they had a great time and will add Poplarville to their list of places to have fun on the weekend. We also were glad to see Josh Benton return to the competition field after a couple of years out of the sport.

Thanks again to everyone who made today a great match. We really appreciate your support.

For the complete match results, click the score computer at the right. Kindle Practiscore








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