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October 2017 Biloxi (DSSA) pistol match “results”

The only one that made a worse call than us today was the weatherman. The forecast was for light rain by around 11 AM, so we made the decision to have have the match. Bad decision. Just about the time we got the last stage set up, the rain began. It didn’t really let up until we got everything torn down, right about the time it quit raining (for a while). By that time, there had been INCHES of rain in a couple of hours and water flowing out of the bays like rivers. Fourteen shooters were crazy enough to try to get the match in but we only managed to shoot one stage per each of the two squads, so there are no final results since no one shot both stages.

Many of the folks that did come out made the right decision to not shoot at all. Some got their match fees back. Those that didn’t but didn’t shoot will get a rain check for their next match. If you did try to shoot and only got one stage in, you will also get a rain check.

So, what did we accomplish today? Well, we wasted a bunch of targets. Even though we bagged all targets before the rain started, many still got wet and were trashed. We had hoped to get some practice in for the Gator next week, but that really didn’t happen, unless it rains there, too. We did have some quality BS time while we waited for the brief gaps in the rain bands talking about how great we were going to be in the Gator next weekend. So, it wasn’t a complete washout, but we just weren’t able to get a full match in. We tried oh so hard.

We’ll be back at it next month. Good luck to those shooting the Gator next week!

  1. October 22, 2017 at 3:03 PM

    Ahh no
    Unofficial how we did on the stage results? Like did Gerwin beat Roger ? 😂

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