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Brothers N Arms October USPSA Match Results

The rain held off and the temperatures stayed cool for the 49 competitors that came out for today’s match.  We ran six stages, including a classifier, that all required a great mixture of strategy, speed, and accuracy.  A huge thank you goes out the the Dupuy family for all of the help with set up, and specifically to Blayne and Bryce for designing and building the two stages that most people seemed to enjoy the most.  These two young men are outstanding examples of what makes this sport great!  On to the results!

Open shooters ruled the day, taking the four of the top five spots,  with John Nguyen in the number one spot, both overall and in the Open division.  Russ Smith rounded out the top five, coming in fourth overall, and first in Carry Optics. Robert Jones and Trey Nicholson were in first place in Limited and PCC, respectively, and Jacob Thomas took the top spot in Production, though Bryce Dupuy made him work for it!  I was happy to see 9 competitors in Single Stack, the most I can remember at the Hattiesburg match and Jamie Humphrey was that division’s decisive winner.   Full results can be found on Practiscore by clicking  here and at USPSA by clicking here.

Thanks as always to everyone for the work put in to break down everything!  We hope to see you all next month on the 18th!!


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