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BPSA June 2017 3GN Pistol Results!

We had 41 shooters turn out today for the BPSA June 2017 3GN Pistol match. While it rained all week leading up to the match, it managed to stay dry all day for us today and we had just about perfect weather for the match.

Stage 1, Bring It, was a 12 round speed course with an unloaded start. Roger Henn took top honors here with a blazing 5.12 run, with John Nguyen not far behind at 5.31 seconds.

Stage 2, Bring it Strong hand, was a rehash of Stage 1, this time strong hand only. It didn’t change much in the results as Roger Henn was still tops with a 6.10 run, and Bill Jackson was 2nd at 6.91.

Stage 3, Switchback, featured a drop turner and was won again by Roger Henn with a 13.70 second run.

Stage 4, Yonder, was a medium size course that featured some backward movement. Roger Henn was again far out in front of the field with a 10 second run.

Stage 5, Peter Piper, was the big stage of the day, featuring 8 steel and a swinger. Steven Mosher took the stage here with a 25 second run.

When it was all said and done, Roger Henn won Unlimited, Trey Nicholson won PCC, Steven Mosher won Practical and John Nguyen won Factory.

Full results can be found below:

Upload to 3GN will occur tonight.

Thanks for coming out!

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