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BPSA January 2017 USPSA Results!

Had a great turnout for today’s classifier match, despite the threat of rain this morning. The AM schedule got off to a rainy and windy start, with us having to replace the targets after a storm or two went through. The PM schedule of course went off without a hitch and we were done in about 3 hours. We also had some tasty pizza and cold drinks in between.

This was the first time we tried 8 stages, and the first time we tried AM/PM schedules for a local match. It made for nice squad sizes of 7 or 8 and kept things moving. Of course if you shot both schedules and packed in 16 stages it made for a long day!

We also had our first junior clinic, which was well attended and a big thanks to Gerwin Henn for staying around for an hour or two to pass his knowledge on to the juniors. Look forward to having these frequently in the future. If you have or know a junior looking to get into the sport, bring them to one of these!

Now, on to the action!

Stage 1 was Disaster Factor. Gerwin Henn came up tops with his 1911 in Single Stack with a 7.07 run with 53 points, and Al Prieto was right on his tail in Open with an 8.35 second run and 57 points.

Stage 2 was More Disaster Factor, and Gerwin was tops on this one with his L10 rig, followed by himself again with the Single Stack. The top shooter here not named Henn was Gerald Patch in Open.

Stage 3 was Times Two, and it was again won by Gerwin Henn in Single Stack, followed closely by Thomas Arthur in Limited.

Stage 4 was El Prez, won by Steven Mosher in Limited with Roger Henn .03 points behind with his L10 rig.

Stage 5 was the Roscoe Rattle and it was topped by Thomas Arthur in limited with a smoking 10.1485 hit Factor.

Stage 6 High Standards which required some sho/who shooting and you can tell who is ambidextrous as Steven Mosher took 1st and 2nd here in production and limited. Gerwin Henn in SS was a distant third.

Stage 7 was mini mart, and Steve Tannetta burned this one down with a 9.5868 hit Factor. Pro Tip: Don’t rob the Tannetta Mini Mart.

Stage 8 was Fluffys Revenge 2, this was the only Steel out there today, and Steve Tannetta had this figured out as he won 1st and 2nd handily with his L10 and Limited rigs.

Overall Results:
Herman Cox won Carry optics.
Steven Mosher won Limited and Production.
David Pape won L10.
Bill Jackson won Open.
Bryant Willett won PCC.
Gerald Benton won Revolver.
Gerwin Henn won Single Stack.

Full Results:


Want to thank everyone who came out and shot, pasted, helped run squads, and tore down. It really is a team effort. Especially appreciate everyone’s patience during the storm and in helping get the sandbags out and targets out back up. And of course huge thanks to those who come out at 6am and setup stages, without them none of this would be possible.

See you at the next match!

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