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BPSA December 2016 Rimfire Results!

The weatherman turned out to be right today and the pending rain held off this morning to give the 41 shooters who turned out for the BPSA Rimfire Challenge a chance to run the four stages and be wrapped up by noon before the rain showed up. Also really excited to see 12 of those entries were junior shooters.

Now onto the action:

Stage 1 was a fast paced tight array with three 18×24 plates across at 8 yards, with a 10 and 12 inch plate on the second level at 13 yards. Bryant Willett broke the sound barrier here with a 7.83 run in open rifle, and Blayne Dupuy was right behind him at 8.00 seconds.

Stage 2 was six plates straight across at 9 yards deep, alternating between 12 inch plate and 18×24 square with the stop plate in the middle. Stage winner was Bryce Dupuy with a 10.18 open rifle run and his brother Blayne right behind him with his limited rifle at 10.27 seconds.

Stage 3 was an “M” shaped array with two 10 inch, two 12 inch, and a 18×24 square. The killer B’s ran the table on this one with Bryant Willett taking the stage win at 11.36, with Blayne and Bruce Dupuy right behind at 12.04 and 12.40.

Stage 4 had two 10 inch plates at 10 yards to the left, and 18×24 square up the middle, and two 12 inch plates to the right, one of them being the stop plate at 16 yards. Bryant Willett won the stage here, having the only sub-12 second time and doing it twice, once with open pistol and once with open rifle.

Final results:

Limited Pistol – Blayne Dupuy
Limited Rifle – Blayne Dupuy
Open Pistol – Bryant Willett
Open Rifle – Bryant Willett

Full results:

Want to thank everyone who came out to shoot, helped RO and paint, and tear down afterwards. It really is a team effort!

Especially want to thank those who helped setup.

See you at the next match!

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