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BPSA August 2016 3-gun Results!

We had 19 shooters come out to the monthly 3gun match today. We started off in the heat, and about halfway through we had a 40 minute heavy rain delay that cooled things off and we finished the match running around in the mud.

Stage 1 was on the rifle range, and was setup similar to a steel challenge stage, requiring 5 strings at 5 plates offhand at 100 yards. Everyone agreed this was about two strings too much, and it will be the first and last time we do five strings.

Due to the number of strings and length it took to complete this stage, it was make or break for where everyone finished in the overall results due to the other stages being relatively short. The guys shooting limited with no magnification really had it rough on this one.

Steven Mosher took the stage with multiple 7 second string runs on the way to a 40 second overall stage time, gaining him 22+ seconds on those behind him.

Stage 2 and 3 were short quick stages with 6-7 paper each and 8 steel that you had your choice of two guns. For squad 3, the popular choice seemed to be rifle/shotgun on stage 2 and then pistol/shotgun for stage 3. The guys at the top of stage 2 were coming in around 15-18 seconds, led by stage winner Kevin Leonhardt with a time of 15.19. On stage 3 we had four guys throw down times in the 12 second range, led by stage winner Ethan Boudreaux with a blazing 12.16 run.

Stage 4 used all three guns, and rewarded those who could either shoot well on the move, or move really well between the shooting. It required 9 paper to be engage with rifle, the tougher of those headshots at 20+ yards. The shotgun portion had 7 steel plates only 3 inch in diameter and around 10 yards, which turned out to be tricky for a few folks who had open chokes. The pistol portion consisted of 6 large poppers, and one small one tucked behind a barrel that required you to move the length of the bay to engage it. The engagement order preferred by most of squad 3 was to start with rifle first, then move to shotgun and finish out with pistol. Several chose to engage the closer rifle targets while moving, and a few even chose to do the same with shotgun, although the consensus afterwards was that engaging the smaller shotgun targets while posted up was the better choice. The stage winner here again was Kevin Leonhardt who put about 8 seconds distance between himself and the rest of the field, and if not for some difficulty on stage 1 could have ran away with today’s match as he had a very strong showing in the other three stages.

As it was, the overall and tactical division winner today was Steven Mosher, bolstered by the 22 second cushion he built up on stage 1.

Steve White topped the field in Open division, with his stage wins in open on both stage 1 & 3 gaining him nearly 10 seconds of separation from the his fellow open shooters.

David Martian took top honors in Limited division, besting the rest of the limited field by over 50 seconds, most of it on his work on stage 1 winning it by a huge margin, and then his consistency in staying a close 2nd in limited on the other three stages.

Full results at the link below:


Thanks to everyone who came out to shoot, helped setup, and helped with tear down. Also appreciate everyone’s patience with the rain and trudging in the mud afterwards. Any mud you happened to take home today you are welcome to keep.


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