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May 2016 Poplarville pistol match results

Dawson PrecisionThanks, Mom! Thanks for letting your Son/Husband/Father/Sister/Daughter (fill in your appropriate relative) come shoot today. The typical Mother’s Day match is lightly attended, but today was different. We had 26 shooters out for fun in the Sun. There were 6 quick, but challenging stages, where the desire to go fast sometimes overcame good shooting judgment. I’d like to say everyone shot clean for Mom, but that wasn’t the case. Those that did, prospered. Those that didn’t suffered. Oh, yeah. The weather today was fantastic, too!

When the results were finally computed, there was a now-familiar name at the top. The overall winner and Open division winner was Corey Yates, with a commanding 11% (76 match point) victory. First in Limited went to Gerwin Henn, who was also third overall. Production was taken by Russ Smith, with L10 going to Wayne Alcock and Single Stack to Nick Saucier. The new Carry Optics division was was by Ethan Boudreaux.

If ClassifierCalc is correct, Corey shot 100% and Gerwin shot 98% on today’s classifier. That’s pretty good, even for these guys.

The match was picked up and put away by Noon. Your match staff greatly appreciates the help in the tear-down effort. As Summer approaches, this type of quick, but challenging match will become our standard. Setup goes quicker, shooting goes quicker and tear-down is quicker. And, we are out of there quicker. Thank you to everyone for helping tear down and get stuff put away.

The Swamp Eagles will be back next week for their relocated match, so come on back for the last chance practice before the Mississippi Classic.

For the complete match results, click the score computer at the right.

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