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May 2015 Poplarville 3-gun match results *Finally*

The match scores have been fixed and the final results are posted. The mix-up occurred when one of the squads recorded several of their stages on the wrong stage. Anyway, it has been fixed and the results are only slightly changed from the scores distributed at the match.

The turnout was good with sixteen shooter overall. The weather was the star of the day with clear skies finally gracing match day. We had several new shooters and they did great. We also want to thank the shooters who renewed their membership to the club. Your membership is the only reason we can continue to shoot. We really appreciate your financial support.

Our overall winner was someone new to the podium. Without winning a single stage, but shooting consistently enough to take the top spot, the honors go to Eddie Aydell. He managed to beat everyone with three second place and one third place stage score. It really points out how important it is to be consistent. In second place was Wayne Alcock. He was shooting heavy metal, and got to use a bipod on his rifle and needed only one rifle hit on paper to count, but he was also burdened with shooting a .45 pistol. Wayne is often the one at the top but today, it was Eddie.

We also had great support for match tear-down. This is always the most challenging part because everyone is tired and ready to hit the road. But things were torn down and staged for pickup without any prompting so it went very well. Thanks to all the shooters who were able to help.

And finally, this is our last 3-gun match until September. As many of you know, it gets hot in the Summer so we take off June, July and August. We will send out reminders in the fall about resuming 3-gun. Enjoy your Summer and come out for the pistol matches on the second Sunday. We shoot those all year round.

For all match scores, click the scoresheet below.

SMSPS scoresheet icon

  1. James
    May 5, 2015 at 7:27 PM

    You guys put on a great match, I really enjoyed it. I’ll be back in the fall!

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