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April 2015 Pearlington (Swamp Eagles) pistol match results

It looked like the entire month of April was going to be a washout, but we managed to get the match in today after all. It was sloppy, and directly resulted in one DQ (due to a slip and near fall), but we managed without rain and had bright sun by the end of the match.

There were some scoring glitches that resulted on three total stages being wiped out of the Nooks scoring computers. One squad lost two stages and another squad lost one stage. The issue has been identified and will be reported as a bug to the developers. But this massive reshoot pushed the end of the match into the afternoon.

When the shooting and reshooting were over, there emerged one name at the top of the shooter’s heap. And that was none other than John Nguyen, who also took the Open division. Steven Mosher won Limited. Chris Brown took the Production title, Gerald Benton was tops in Revolver, Joel Senia won Limited 10 and Brian Dolly was on top in Single Stack. Congratulations to all the shooters, and thanks for coming out.

The match tear-down was bit of a mixed bag. Due to the need to reshoot several stages, the match didn’t end until after 1 PM. Unfortunately, many shooters had departed by then. This left a small flock to tear everything down. While it got done, we would appreciate it if you could stick around to help put everything away. We understand that people do have lives, and therefore commitments, but it places an undue burden on those left at the end.

Finally, and most importantly, the match next month will be held on the first Sunday of the month (May 3). This is due to the Mississippi Classic which will be held on the third weekend of the month. This will conflict with the 3-gun match in Poplarville, but it is what it is. Make sure you tell all your shooting buddies about the schedule change for May. We will still be shooting 3-gun in Poplarville, so you have to take your pick.

The match scores can be viewed by clicking the score sheet at the right.


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