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March 2015 Poplarville pistol match results

Dawson PrecisionLast month, we set an attendance record for the past five years. Today, we nearly equaled that record. We had 29 shooters competing and, just as notable, we instituted online registration. Fifteen of the shooters pre-registered, which makes the final registration go much quicker. Look for this next month as well.

It would be hard to complain about the weather today, because it was just about perfect. We started on time and were pickup up and ready to go by 1 PM. Other than a few scoring setup issues (sorry about that), things went very smoothly. The squads never waited (unlike last month), and the pace seemed to be just about right.

The leader board looks fairly normal, with the overall winner also taking the Open division. Congratulations to Max Michel. who won by slightly less than 2%. In Limited, Steven Mosher took the top spot, and third overall. In Production, there was a bit of an upset, where Dalton Bridgers shot extremely well and took first. And finally, in Limited 10, Wayne Alcock was the winner. The match was pretty competitive across the board.

Once again, the participation during the match tear-down was great. Your match staff really appreciates the cooperation from all the shooters in getting everything picked up. Thanks to Bob and Tom for a simple stage that proved to be anything but. When no one agrees on how to shoot a stage, you have done something right.

Finally, next month is membership renewal month. For the paltry sum of $35, you get a $5 discount per match which can save you over $100 if you shot all the pistol and 3-gun matches. Even if you don’t make all the matches, you are still helping us keep up with expenses. And, most importantly, you get access to the range for the entire year, so you can practice. You do practice, don’t you?


For the complete match results, click the score sheet at the right.


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