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December 2014 Pearlington pistol match results

We ended up the 2014 shooting season with a bang today. Lots of them, actually. Thirty-five shooters came out to squeeze one more match in before the New Year. Thanks to five quick stages from Bob, we got done at a reasonably hour and were headed home shortly thereafter.

When the dust had settled, and the scores tallied, there was a familiar face at the top of the heap. The overall winner and Open division winner was

Max Michel. Joel Senia dominated Limited with an impressive win there, and was third overall. The big news was in Production, though. With most of the top Production shooters off today, this division was taken by Gerwin Henn, who apparently believes that he can dominate any division he shoots, regardless of how many rounds he has per magazine. I think we would like to see him against the regulars to see how he holds his own.

For some reason, Bob decided to make this a Revolver friendly match so we had 5 wheel gunners today competing for the top spot. It turned out that Robert Konrady had little trouble dealing with the competition to score the division win. To give you an idea of how well he shot, he was 60% in the combined ranking. That’s not bad, for shooting only 6 before reloading.

Thanks again to Bob for the great stages, and to all the shooters who helped to run the match, set it up and tear it down.

Your match staff wishes everyone happy and safe holidays and hopes to see you back next year.

The match scores can be viewed by clicking the score sheet at the right.


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