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December Poplarville 3-gun match results

We have moved into that time of year when the weather can be great one day and downright crappy the next. Today, it was overcast, breezy and cool until the very last shooter on the very last stage , when the sun finally came out. It hovered around 50 all day, as compared to a balmy 79 on Saturday afternoon for setup. Oh, well.

Once again, the turnout was a bit light, but for those that did show up, it was a good match. We shot four stages, which really tested the shooters skills. In fact, no one shot a clean match today. When the numbers were tallied, it was Wayne Alcock on top. Returning shooter Lawson Beach took second , proving that not shooting for several years isn’t a disadvantage.

We also had a couple of new (to us) 3-gun shooters today. We really appreciate them coming out to support the club and hope they had a great time, as well. And finally, a big thanks to everyone for helping tear down in real time so that by the end of the last stage, we had almost everything ready for the trucks.

I also ended up with a brown Izod zip-up jacket. I will bring it to the next match to be reunited with it rightful owner.

For all match scores, click the scoresheet below.

SMSPS scoresheet icon

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