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November Poplarville 3-gun match results

Once again, the weather was great, although the turnout was light. For some reason, only ten shooters came to test their skills (and luck) today over four challenging stages. We may be partial, but we think our brand of 3-gun is not your average match, and it offers challenges not normally found in traditional range-bound settings. Where else can you run through the woods blasting away at targets, while avoiding the hazards of stump holes, snakes, and evil vines looking to trip you?

Whatever the reason for not coming, those not there today missed a good one. Whatever seemed simple, wasn’t. Whatever looked hard, was harder than it looked. Returning to the top spot was Wayne Alcock. Justin Myers was a close second and missed the title only because of a wall that either was or wasn’t there, depending on your point of view. The rest of the pack was a bit mixed, with the first eight shooters scoring at least 60%.

We had two new shooters today, and both did well. We thank them for coming out and hope they will come back for more next month.

For all match scores, click the scoresheet below.

SMSPS scoresheet icon

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