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September Poplarville 3-gun match results

Today may have been the hottest match we have ever had. It’s a good thing we take off for the Summer. It was beyond unpleasant, at least from a temperature/humidity standpoint. The shooting was great, the stages were great, but it was all about the heat.

We had 10 shooters today, which ties our lowest turnout of the year. The stages were challenging, but I guess there were some who thought it might just be too hot. We have requested better weather for next month…

The results are fairly typical for a 3-gun match with Wayne Alcock taking the top spot. In second, just a few percentage points behind, was Justin Myers, a top USPSA Production shooter who was competing in his first 3-gun match. You certainly wouldn’t have guessed it from his mastery of the long guns. If it hadn’t been for some shotgun ammo problems, he might have taken the top stop. He actually won more stages than anyone.

We appreciate everyone’s support today. We managed to get things picked up fairly quickly. Hopefully, we’ll have a bigger turnout as the weather cools down. We are back to the monthly schedule until next June.

For all match scores, click the scoresheet below.

SMSPS scoresheet icon

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