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May 2014 Poplarville pistol match results

Dawson PrecisionThe annual Mother’s Day match is always at crap shoot. Sometimes, we have a great turnout, because it is the last match before the MS Classic, and sometimes we just have a few, as commitments to the holiday take the toll. Today, it was kind of in the middle with 15 shooters. The weather was crummy Friday night and the road was slippery in the morning. A couple of folks needed the 4-wheel drive taxi, but most were able to make it just fine. The range itself always drains well, so the shooting bays were fine.

Taking overall top honors today was Cliff Cargill. He dominated the match, winning by a little more than 7%. And, Cliff was shooting Production! In second place was the Limited winner, Josh Benton. In Limited 10, Wayne Alcock took the win, and finally, in Revolver, Gerald Benton shot his way to fame and fortune.

We had several new (to us) shooters today, and we greatly appreciate them coming out and shooting with us. Hopefully, they will be back again. Also, thanks to everyone who helped with setup and tear-down. We got done by Noon, thanks to some quick stages and good help during the shooting. It makes a difference.

This was the last chance for real match practice for the Mississippi Classic next weekend. Lots of our shooters are participating. We wish everyone a safe and successful match. Shoot your best and made South Mississippi proud of you!

For the complete match scores, click the score sheet at the right. We are also posting results to the Practiscore web site¬†here. In the search box, enter “SMPSA”.


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