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March Pearlington match reminder

On Sunday, March 16, 2014, the Mississippi Gulf Coast Practical Shooters will hold its annual Classifier match. We will shoot six classifiers instead of the usual four stages and one classifier. If you are new to USPSA and classified yet or just want to get classified in another division, this is a way to get there. You need six classifier scores to get classified by USPSA and you can get all of them in one match. Since classifiers are usually quicker to shoot as compared to normal stages, the match should not take as long as normal.

However, the weather is threatening to cancel the match. As of now, the match is still on, but check back here before coming out tomorrow to see if there has been a change of plans. We will have the final decision posted by 7 AM on Sunday.

For those interested, the classifiers being shot are:

  • 03-02 – Six Chickens
  • 99-11 – El Presidente
  • 99-14 – Eye of the Tiger
  • 99-23 – Front Sight
  • 99-62 – Bang and Clang
  • 13-01 – Disaster Factor

If you would like to see these stages, go to http://www.uspsa.org/uspsa-classifier-list.php where you can preview the stages to be shot and get your game plan made.

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