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March 2014 Poplarville pistol match results

Dawson PrecisionIt seemed like everyone remembered to set their clock forward, because we got started on time, and there were no late arrivals. We finished by Noon even though we had 5 stages and 21 shooters. Three balanced squads managed to keep moving and got it done. We had great help from all the shooters for both setup and tear down. Your match staff really appreciates that.

So far this year, we have averaged 21 shooters for the first three months. This is ahead of last year’s pace by three, on average, so things are starting out good. As a reminder, club memberships renew in April so next month will be the time when we look to you to rejoin (or join) to support our activities. Your dues help defray the cost of the lease and insurance and also go towards new props.

We had a good match today, although the top spot wasn’t really in doubt. Our match winner was…

Max Michel, who also won Open. The Limited race was pretty tight with Steven Mosher (second overall) eking out the win over Josh Benton, who faltered on his last stage. Jason Welch took Production and fourth overall, and Bob Brandt topped the Single Stack group, while Gerald “Eight-shot” Benton won Revolver.

There were also a couple of prospective new shooters who came out today to watch and see what this sport is all about. It was rumored they worked as hard as the regulars taping and resetting, even though they didn’t actually shoot. They just watched. And helped. Thanks, guys! Bring your guns and gear next time.

Thanks again to the folks who created the stages. If you didn’t like today’s stages, then you are welcome to design your own and submit it for the next match.

It looks like we are finally done with the cold weather, but let’s hope we get a long spring. We lucked out this year and missed having to shoot on any of the really cold, nasty days, so let’s see if Summer can wait its turn and not appear too early.

And, finally, we are planning on a work day at the range for the new month or so. We need to clean up the place before it gets any grubbier. We also are planning to tear down the dumpy house and completely rebuild it. We will pick a day when there are no other club matches so you won’t have an excuse not to come. Also, if you know someone with a bulldozer who needs some practice, we have just the place to do it. Just let us know who that is.

For the complete match scores, click the score sheet at the right.

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