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January 2014 Poplarville 3-Gun match results

The new year brought a new result for 3-gun. After a sad turnout in December, we had a nice little match today, despite missing two of our stage design teams. We hosted 10 shooters on a really nice weather day to shoot 4 stages of 3-gun fun in the woods of South Mississippi. With the weather threatening to be cold and wet, neither of those environmental factors appeared and we shot in comfort temperatures and overcast skies. Thanks to significant setup on Saturday afternoon, we were done with the stage construction at 8:20 AM today and were able to finish shooting by 11:55 AM. Yes, we actually finished BEFORE Noon!

The stages might have been a tad simpler than usual, but that didn’t stop a few misses here and there. It wasn’t the total disaster factor as we saw in recent matches, but the challenges still caused everyone to push themselves to the limit. There were no really long rifle shots, but you still needed the ability to hit an auto-popper if you wanted to score. One stage proved the old adage that you can unload a shotgun a whole lot faster than you can load it. Squeezing the trigger only 20 time didn’t take very long but shoving those colorful little tubes of lead and powder into a bigger tube sure did. That stage humbled more than a few shooters.

Eventually, you have to have a winner, and today it was…Joe Jones. It was close, though, very close. In second was new (to us) 3-gunner Keith Crescioni. He trailed Joe by a mere 3 match points, amounting to less than one percent of the match score. To Joe’s defense, Keith was shooting an open pistol, although that really didn’t make much of a difference today.

We had a good crop of new shooters today, which is great. We really appreciate everyone coming. The comments at the end of the match were all positive, and we hope that everyone returns next month. Special thanks go out to Jason Welch and Eddie Aydell who were kind enough to pick up the prop trailer from Wayne’s house early this AM. Wayne had another commitment today and was unable to attend.

Thanks also goes to everyone for helping tear down the match.

Click on the score sheet at the right for the match results.

SMSPS scoresheet icon

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