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October 2013 Pearlington pistol match results

The weather has finally turned and it was beautiful this morning. A light chill filled the air and this brought out the shooters in droves. We had 47 shooters today. We can thank Bob Brandt for most of the stage design today, but Bob wasn’t there to enjoy his creations. What wasn’t so nice were some behind the scenes computer glitches. For some reason, everything that could have gone wrong with the Nook scoring, did go wrong. In the end, we got it sorted out, but it took quite a while. And without further ado, lets see who won. Our overall match winner was…

Randy Pretlove shooting in Open today. The margin of victory was not even close. The closest competitor was a full 11% behind. That happened to be Jason Phillips, also in Open. Our Limited winner was Robert Jones (third overall). In Production, Bryant Willett cruised to victory. The hotly contested Single Stack division was taken by Joel Senia. Limited-10 was won by Robert Foil and Revolver by Gerald Benton.

While we are always appreciative of the support for setup and tear-down, it always seems to be the same people doing the work. Please try to pitch in once and a while to help pick up the props as the end of the match. On a day like today when the results were delayed by computer issues, there was no reason to head out early. The Saints were off today, as well.

The match scores can be viewed by clicking the score sheet at the right.

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