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BPSA July 22 Monday Match Update – Cancelled!!!!

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With this latest deluge and the radar showing another squall line heading our way, we really have no choice but to cancel today’s match. See you Saturday, August 10th ….

As of 1:00 today (22 July) we are still planning to hold today’s match. We are going to have someone check the range at about 3:00 to determine if the range conditions will be safe. We will post again by 4:00 with a final assessment.

Biloxi Practical Shooting Association
Monday Night USPSA Mini-Match
July 22nd, Coast Rifle and Pistol Club in Woolmarket.
Registration starts at 5:30pm, hammer down at 6pm.
2 Stages total – 1 Field course and 1 Classifier.
Less than 50 rounds.
Match fee is $5.
Open to public. Use gate code 4000 to enter range.

Perfect opportunity for newer shooters looking to get started in USPSA or even for those with experience that are just looking to shoot a quick few stages.

See you there. Be Safe, Have fun!!

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