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July 2013 Poplarville pistol match results

Dawson Precision

You never would have guessed it from the weather at the start of the weekend, but today’s match was actually pretty good. Apparently, the rain missed the range on Friday and Saturday and the road in was dry and caused no problems this month. For a July in South Mississippi, it was almost bearable. We had a great turnout with 27 shooters competing on 5 stages of fire. We had several new shooters today and we welcome them and hope they will come back again.

If you viewed the results at the range, please note there have been some changes. The PractiScore application didn’t handle the classifier properly and was counting Mikes for every no penalty miss. I was able to correct this by hand in EZ-WinScore, so the scores did change and I am positive they are correct as shown here. The numbers in the raw data input for Stage 1 were right in the Nooks but the total score for the stage was not done right so the final scores at the range were not accurate. The ones posted here are accurate.

Our match winner was Max Michel who also took Open division. In Limited, Gerwin Henn managed a rare Sunday off to shoot with us and dominated there. He shot well enough to score almost 96% of Max’s score, winning 2 stages overall and taking second in another. That’s pretty impressive for a Limited A shooter contending with an Open Master. In Limited-10, Wayne Alcock topped the scoreboard, with Steven Mosher taking Production and fifth overall. Gerald Benton won Revolver as usual, and Donnie Miculek took Single Stack.

Your club staff greatly appreciates all the help in setting up and tearing down today. Thanks to everyone who pitched in. This was also our second electronically scored match and, other than the above noted issue with the Classifier, things went off without a hitch. It certainly makes life simpler on the stat guy! This was out biggest turnout since December of 2011. Thank you to all the shooters for your support and bring your buddies next time!

For the complete match scores, click the score sheet at the right.

SMSPS scoresheet icon

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