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May 2013 Pearlington pistol match results

Great weather once again resulted in a nice turnout. There were 36 total shooters and five stages of competition. The overall scores printed at the end of the match today appear to have been in error, so please check the overall results here. Our match winner was…Joel Senia who also won Limited, although his victory over Josh Benton was very close. Josh won 3 stages and Joel won 2, but Joel has the higher point total so the win went to the Senia guy (pun intended!). In Limited 10, Bill Musa scored his first win of the season, while Robert Brennen took high Open. In the hard-fought Production division, Jason Welch eked out a win by just 9 match points over Michael McDonald. Wheel-gun master Gerald Benton won Revolver, and Steven Lasavia took the Single Stack honors.

Your match directors appreciate all the help in setting up and tearing down. Without that help, well, we would be some tired puppies.

There are only two more local matches before the Mississippi Classic starts in two weeks. Biloxi shoots next Saturday and Poplarville shoots next Sunday. Remember, when you can’t practice, shoot a local match.

The match scores can be viewed by clicking the score sheet at the right.

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