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April 2013 Pearlington pistol match results

The match today was a huge success. There were 42 shooters, 6 stages and great weather. What could be better (besides a few times and hits)? Actually, not much. Things ran smoothly and we finished at a reasonable hour. We had lots of help to pick up the stages, too, which is always appreciated.

In the results category, there are lots of them! First overall in the match goes to…Robert Jones, who also took High Limited. Production was won by Michael McDonald who finished third overall. Robert Brennen topped all Open shooters, while Robert Konrady was High Revolver and Steve Lasavia came out on top in Single Stack. Notable other shooters include Spike Danley, who finished second overall and in Limited. The competition was intense today, with several shooters having meltdowns on just one stage, which cost them a  higher finish. But that’s how it goes…

SPECIAL NOTE: Next month, the regular match will be held on the First Sunday of the month, which happens to be May 5, 2013. This is because the Mississippi Classic is on the third weekend. This will be one of your last chances to tune up for the Classic. There will be NO third Sunday match in Pearlington in May.

The match scores can be viewed by clicking the score sheet at the right.

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