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March 2013 Poplarville pistol match results

Dawson Precision

It seems like we are always facing some challenge when we shoot in Poplarville. Today, the wind that was the culprit. It blew at 15-25 mph pretty much all day and made the idea of moving targets too much of a reality. Steel fell, paper target stands toppled and reshoots were issued, but in the end, we got it done. We had a great turnout, with 21 shooters entering the fray. Our 5 stages tested the shooter’s skills in many ways. There was ample opportunity to excel, yet many took the challenge to new lows. But someone always has to win and today, that winner was…

Max Michel, who easily took Open and Overall. It wasn’t even close between Max and second overall and Limited winner, Wayne Alcock. The Production winner was Michael McDonald by a good margin, with Bob Brandt easily taking the Limited-10 crown. This match seemed to beat down more than a few people at least on some stages. For the complete match scores, click the score sheet at the right.

SMSPS scoresheet icon



Blame it on the wind, blame it on the time change, or just blame it on the lack of content between the ear muffs. It seemed that at least some of the shooters who shot Biloxi yesterday had a much more difficult time today. I guess you can get too much of a good thing. Except for the shooter who got the DQ, I think everyone had a good time, though. I, for one, am glad I don’t have to earn a living doing this.

We also discussed some important club business today. As most everyone knows, we lease our land from the Gator Creek Hunt Club, who leases the land for the actual owner, DeSoto Land and Timber. About two weeks ago, the owner of DeSoto happened to come out to the range and find one of our members practicing. He expressed surprise at this and informed the member that he did not know about any shooting, other than deer hunting on the land. Our member explained what we do, and our affiliation with national organizations, our insurance, etc. However, the owner was caught off guard and asked that an officer call him. Later that week, Wayne made contact with him and explained that we had been doing this out there since the mid-70s. We sent him information on our insurance, and our USPSA and NRA affiliations and hoped for the best.

This past week, Wayne received a call indicating the owner was willing to lease us the gravel pit directly (for $100 per year more than we are paying the hunt club) , but he wanted the insurance to name his company as the primary insured and he wanted the amount doubled to $1 million. Wayne and I discussed this and both agreed that we could do this. So, we talked to the insurance company and upped the coverage amount and changed the insured. We will be signing a lease with the timber company next week to make it all official. The bottom line increase for us per year will be between $300 and $350, but the best part is we now have a direct relationship with the owner, and are not dealing with the hunt club any more.

The downside to this is the increased annual expenses. We discussed today, raising the match fee by $2 and the annual dues by $10. Starting next month, which is our annual membership renewal month, annual membership will be $35. Match fees will be $15 for members and $20 for non-members. This should cover the increased costs based on our average shooter count per match and the number of members we have. We have been told that this now puts us in line with most other area matches. Unfortunately, the cost of everything is going up and enjoying our sport gets more and more expensive each year. Gas is at all time highs, ammo is practically unavailable, except at  extortion prices and reloading components are almost impossible to get at any price. All this adds up to more money to shoot each time.

Our club is still doing well enough to remain in the black. However, we do depend on getting at least 14 shooters per month just to pay the rent, insurance and targets supplies. We greatly appreciate everyone coming out today to support the club and understanding the need to raise our costs. We also ask that you tell your shooting buddies about our matches and help us get even better turnouts. Its the same work to set up a match for 6 people as it is for 36, but everyone has a better time with more shooters, except maybe the scorekeeper!

We will be announcing a work day soon because the range is getting dumpy. We need to police our own trash in addition to the junk left by the hunt club members and the local redneck shooters. Please consider helping out if you can.

And finally, we have to thank all the shooters for help in setting up and tearing down the stages. It is a lot of work and we simply couldn’t do it without you.

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