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October 2012 Poplarville 3-gun match results *Updated*

8:25 PM – The scores have been updated. Two scores were reversed so the final scores and stage 3 scores have changed.

What a weird day it was for weather. The morning started out cool and windy with an overcast sky. By the second stage, the cover burned off and the breeze died down and it was gorgeous.  In another stage or two, the overcast sky and chilly breeze ware back. It was nice when the sun was out, but just a little too windy when it wasn’t. It didn’t seem to matter to the ten shooters who came out to compete today. We shot four great stages, with lots of close up and some far away shots. In the end, the stage that mattered the most was the long-range one with only a few shots but potentially lots of time. If you didn’t know where your rifle shot at distance, it was painful. If you had a 6X scope and a dialed-in adjustment, then you rocked. More penalty seconds were racked up here than almost all the other stages combined.

At the end, it was the consistent shooting of Wayne Alcock that paid off. He won all 4 stages, although not by huge margins, so Wayne once again took home top honors. For some, it was shotgun woes and missed targets forcing reloads, for others the penalty times ate them up as they tried to go just a bit too fast. Look at your score and then see what it would have been without the penalties. It is so easy to blow your whole match with too many penalties. Slow down to score better. The match scores can be found by clicking the scoresheet to the right.

The match setup and tear-down went smoothly because of the help most of the shooters. Your match staff appreciates the manual support. Come back next month and bring your friends for more great 3-gun action. And, if you haven’t already checked out our rules, download a copy and brush up. This isn’t USPSA and it isn’t everyone else’s 3-gun, so make sure you know the ins and outs of our local rules.

  1. buzzworm
    October 7, 2012 at 8:21 PM

    Many thanks to all for coming out. Hope you liked it.
    Special thanks to all who helped set up and tear down.

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