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February 2012 MCGPS match results!

Another match is history, we had 31 shooters willing to shoot after a frog choker rain storm. Fortunately our range drains well and by 11am what little water we had dried up. There were 5 good stages thanks to the brain child of Bob Brandt. L10 was dominated by Kevin Walker. Revolver was bested by Robert (Lightnin) Konrady. High Single Stack was Joel Senia. High Open went to Brett Greene. Brian Dolly was High Limited and last but certainly not least was High Overall and High Production was Justin Myers.

We also had a bunch of new shooters, welcome to Action Pistol shooting and thanks for coming out. Also thanks to those who came early and helped set up and tweak the stages and those who stayed to help break down and put everything away. Next month will be a 6 stage Classifier Match, anybody wanting to get Classified before the Mississippi Classic or get Classified in a new Division needs to go to this one. Till next Match.

Click the scoresheet at the right to see the match results.



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