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USPSA pistol in Biloxi 01/28/18 Rainout
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Steel Challenge in Biloxi 02/10/18 Rainout
USPSA pistol in Poplarville 02/11/18 Rainout
USPSA pistol in Hattiesburg 02/17/18 Results
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USPSA pistol in Biloxi 02/25/18 Register
3-Gun in Poplarville 03/04/18 Register
USPSA pistol in Hattiesburg 03/17/18 Not Open
USPSA pistol in Poplarville
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February 2018 Poplarville USPSA Pistol match **CANCELLED**

February 9, 2018 Leave a comment

Dawson Precision

The South Mississippi Practical Shooting Association pistol match for Sunday, Feb. 11, 2018 in Poplarville has been cancelled due to the impending rain.



February 2018 Poplarville USPSA Pistol match reminder

February 4, 2018 Leave a comment

Dawson Precision

The South Mississippi Practical Shooting Association will host the monthly USPSA Pistol match this Sunday (February 11, 2018) at the range in Poplarville. The match will begin at 9 AM.

Online registration is available by clicking the giant button below. Please sign up if you plan on attending.



February 2018 Poplarville 3-Gun Match **CANCELLED**

February 3, 2018 Leave a comment

Updated 02/04/18:

The match has been cancelled due the overnight rain.

As of 6 PM on Saturday evening, the match is still on. However, a few changes are in order. First, the match will start at 10 AM instead of the normal 9 AM. Second, all registered shooters will receive an email by 7 AM with confirmation of the match status. The email will either say a) the match is on, or b) the match is cancelled. You will definitely get an email in the morning before 7 AM. This will be sent from the range, so will will know what the road condition is at that time. 

The match stages have only one paper target in total as of now. That could change if the rain is gone by match time. There are also lots of longer than normal birdshot targets (both clay and steel) and lots of long rifle shots (out to 400 yards).

This post may or may not be updated in the morning, so if you aren’t registered in Practiscore by 9 PM this evening, you may not get the morning update. 

2018 Nationals Slots Availability (Update 3)

February 2, 2018 Leave a comment

UPDATED: Feb. 9, 2018:

The Mississippi Section slots were received this morning. Here is a brief summary of the slots awarded vs. requested. Read more…

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January 2018 Biloxi Pistol match **CANCELLED**

January 27, 2018 Leave a comment

The DSSA pistol match in Biloxi on January 28, 2018 has been cancelled due to the rain.

January 2018 Biloxi pistol match

January 21, 2018 Leave a comment

Registration is open for the January edition of the Deep South Shooters Association monthly USPSA pistol match. The match will take place at the Coast Rifle and Pistol Club in Biloxi on January 28, 2018. Shooting begins at 9 AM. Please arrive no later than 8:30 AM.

Juniors shoot for free, CPRC members shoot for $15, all others shoot for $20.

To register, click the big registration button below.

January Brothers N Arms USPSA Pistol Match Results

January 20, 2018 2 comments

After a week of winter weather colder than North Dakota had this week, today saw a return to a more normal South Mississippi.  Other than a couple of bays that were still pretty slushy and muddy from the snow, the range condition was great with temperatures that were mild and wind that was cooperative for the most part.  Forty eight shooters took advantage of the mild environment and showed up for 5 stages with a great mixture of paper, steel, no-shoots, and hard-cover.  Today very clearly favored the mental shooter!

We’ve had some close finishes in the past, but I think today’s top two shooters beat anything I’ve seen before.  They were from different divisions, both of which they each won very handily.  But at the end of the day,  Read more…

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