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August 2018 Biloxi (DSSA) pistol match results

August 26, 2018 Leave a comment

We hoped we could get the match in without weather interruptions, but that didn’t happen. Two brief but intense rain showers disrupted the match around the 4th and 5th stages but they didn’t mess things up too much. They lasted only a few minutes and the targets made it through reasonably well. But that couldn’t put a damper on the great shooting that was on display today.

A total of 61 competitors faced off on 5 challenging stages. There were turtle targets in abundance and plenty of hard cover and no shoots lurking about. Strong hand only and weak hand only were tested on the classifier, as well. There wasn’t much room to hose today. In fact, only one shooter in the entire match got all his hits and had zero no-shoots or mikes (even the no-penalty variety). Way to go, Scott! But it took flat-out speed to win today.

Congratulations to  Read more…

August 2018 Biloxi USPSA pistol match – Registration open

August 19, 2018 Leave a comment

Registration is open for this month’s USPSA match, presented by the Deep South Shooters Association. The match will take place at the Coast Rifle and Pistol Club in Biloxi on August  26, 2018. Shooting begins at 9 AM. Please arrive no later than 8:30 AM to check in and pay.

Juniors shoot for free, CPRC members shoot for $15, all others shoot for $20.

To register, click the big registration button below.

July 2018 Biloxi (DSSA) pistol match results *Correction*

July 22, 2018 Leave a comment

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any hotter, it did. Today was brutal. If you stayed home, you did miss some great stages, but it was not pleasant shooting. A total of 54 shooters tried to beat the heat with blazing times and all alphas, but it was a challenge.

Your old stats guy seemed to be a bit challenged today and we had some minor scoring issues at the start of the match, but once we edited the stages, it seemed to run OK. The scores came in and the final results revealed a rare weekend sweep. Read more…

July 2018 Biloxi USPSA pistol match

July 16, 2018 Leave a comment

Registration is open for the July edition of the Deep South Shooters Association monthly USPSA pistol match. The match will take place at the Coast Rifle and Pistol Club in Biloxi on July 22, 2018. Shooting begins at 9 AM. Please arrive no later than 8:30 AM.

Juniors shoot for free, CPRC members shoot for $15, all others shoot for $20.

To register, click the big registration button below.

June 2018 Biloxi (DSSA) pistol match results

June 24, 2018 26 comments

The first true Summer match lived up to the expectations for weather. No, not that kind. We didn’t get a drop of rain but we got several inches of HOT. It was unpleasant, to say the least. Not the shooting, that part was great, it was the insanely hot weather. Once in a while, a cloud would provide a brief respite, but the Sun always came back.

Sixty shooters were brave enough to risk heat stroke to shoot six great stages today. We had two classifiers today (both were quick), while the other four featured tough shots, lots of cover and stepped up the challenge just a bit. We have vowed not to get locked back into the open-target hoser-fests of days gone by. They just don’t prepare you for much of anything.

Without further ado, lets see who won. First overall and first Open was Read more…

April 2018 Biloxi (DSSA) pistol match results

April 29, 2018 Leave a comment

Last Sunday was another washout but we took advantage of the 5th Sunday of the month to shoot a make up match. Perfect weather and a great turnout made for a great day all around. It was pleasant to be outside on match day, for a change. We had 52 shooters compete today and many of them found a much more difficult bunch of stages than are usually seen in Biloxi. Our fearless leader recently shot the Area 6 match and experienced significantly more challenging stages there compared to what we normally set up, so he decided to do some on the job training with today’s stages. Of the 52 shooters, only 2 managed to avoid any Mikes, and only one of those guys avoided the No-shoots as well, to have a clean match. That’s how tough it was.

But it wasn’t just about shooting clean, it was about speed as well. Our overall match winner was fast and accurate and won the match by over 5%. Congratulations to  Read more…

March 2018 Biloxi (DSSA) pistol match results

March 25, 2018 Leave a comment

For the first time since November 2017, we managed to shoot a match without being rained out. Rain had cancelled 4 of the last 5 matches in Biloxi and we thought we’d never get back to shooting, but we finally got a decent day, and ended up with a decent turnout. A total of 51 shooters began the day under slightly overcast skies and pleasant temperatures. There were 5 challenging courses of fire today which evoked quite a few comments, both positive and “negative”. Of course, no one ever has anything *really* negative to day, but were a few directed towards the plethora of unloaded starts and the head-scratcher, also known as Stage 2. But at the end of the day, most appreciated the challenges presented and found they had some practice to do before the next match.

Although the squads were larger than normal, the match moved along quite well. Most squads finished by 12:30 or so. Only four shooters shot a clean match, so that speaks to the difficulties presented. The top spot went back and forth all morning, until a winner emerged over the last two stages they shot. The winner today had the quickest total stage time and also shot clean. Congratulations goes to  Read more…

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