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April 2019 Poplarville USPSA Pistol match **CANCELLED**

April 5, 2019 Leave a comment

Dawson Precision

The South Mississippi Practical Shooting Association USPSA Pistol match scheduled for April 14, 2019 has been cancelled, due to your match director being out of town on that weekend for the Area 6 match. I may try to make this match up at a later date but the following Sunday is Easter and that’s usually a tough day to make for some. I may try for an afternoon match like we did last year, but I haven’t decided yet.

Regardless, the normal second Sunday match in April will not be shot on April 14.

2019 Nationals Slots Awarded for Mississippi Section

March 26, 2019 Leave a comment

The slots for the 2019 Nationals have been awarded and the winners notified. Congratulations to everyone who received a slot. I hope you represent your state well!

In the Open/PCC match, shooters receiving slots are: Read more…

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March 2019 Biloxi (DSSA) pistol match results

March 24, 2019 Leave a comment


The weather was just too nice to not shoot, so we did. With the range work on two of our usual bays not quite complete, we thought we might have to cancel. However, we made a change to the usual format, so instead of 5 stages including a classifier, we shot just 3 stages with no classifier. However, those 3 stages had round counts of 44, 37 and 48 rounds respectively. That’s about the round count for a normal 5 stage match.

One of the downsides to having only 3 bays available for shooting is only being able to support 3 squads. At the peak, we had about 62 people signed up to shoot. We made it a point to warn everyone about the format change and this resulted in a fair number dropping out. That actually worked in the favor of those who did come out, because we ended up with three 13-man squads and that seemed to work out just fine. The squads moved along nicely and the stages seemed fairly well balanced, time-wise.

With the high point stages featuring lots of movement, you expected the “fast youngins” to do well. And for the most part, they did. The overall and Open division winner falls into that category. Congratulations to Read more…

March 2019 Biloxi USPSA pistol match – **UPDATE**

March 21, 2019 Leave a comment

As you may have seen, there is some significant work going on with several of the bays at the range in Biloxi. As a result, we will not be able to use two of our normal bays for the match Sunday.

This leaves us with just three bays available which isn’t all that great for a match. We still plan to shoot but with a couple of changes:

  1. We will not have a USPSA classifier
  2. We will have only three stages but each will be AT LEAST 40 rounds and could go as high as 50
  3. Match fees will be reduced to $10 for CRPC members and $15 for non-members
  4. Right now, we have 62 people signed up, and that means 21 man squads

There is really no other solution available at this time that meets our needs. If you do not want to make the drive for just three super jumbo stages, we certainly understand. But it can’t be helped. If you choose to withdraw, we would greatly appreciate it if you would formally withdraw using Practiscore (the link below will do the trick).

The weather is just too nice to cancel, so this is our plan. You’ll probably get the same number of rounds as you would in a normal 5-stage match, but in only 3 stages. And there’s no risk of affecting your classification, either. But there will be more standing around, too. The up side is reset should go super fast with so many people per squad (hint, hint)!!!

Gerwin and Bill


March 2019 Biloxi USPSA pistol match – Registration open

March 19, 2019 1 comment

Registration is still open and slots are available for this month’s USPSA match, presented by the Deep South Shooters Association. The match will take place at the Coast Rifle and Pistol Club in Biloxi on March 24, 2019. Shooting begins at 9 AM. Please arrive no later than 8:30 AM to check in and pay.

Juniors shoot for free, CPRC members shoot for $15, all others shoot for $20.

To register, click the big registration button below.

March 2019 Poplarville USPSA Pistol match **CANCELLED**

March 4, 2019 Leave a comment

Dawson Precision

The South Mississippi Practical Shooting Association USPSA Pistol match scheduled for March 10, 2019 has been cancelled, due to competing matches in Alabama and Texas. Additionally, the road into the range has been damaged significantly by heavy equipment and the large amount of rainfall over the past few weeks. We won’t be able to get this fixed for a while, so we are just going to skip the March match. We will be back in April.

March 2019 Poplarville 3-Gun match reminder

February 24, 2019 Leave a comment

3gun banner composite


It’s time again for 3-gun in Poplarville. The match is scheduled for Sunday, March 3, 2019 at 9 AM at the range on Poplarville.

If you want to know what you should bring, check it out here. If you need to know where to go to shoot, click here. Sign up now by clicking the Register Now button below.register-now-button

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