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June 2020 Biloxi (DSSA) pistol match results


It seemed like we had been off for a year, but it was only 4 months. The successful return to shooting in Biloxi was marked by some pretty challenging stages and difficult shots. Maybe it was just that we had all been out of action for so long, or maybe it was the G-Man just saying, “Welcome Back!”

Whatever it was, I have been trying to think of the correct adjectives to describe it since I got home. Lots of things came to mind, but I finally settled on “challenging” and “HOT!” The weather certainly played an important role today with the heat/humidity combo making for an uncomfortable day. When I got up at 5 AM, my outdoor thermometer said 80 degrees and 86% humidity. Just what I wanted to see at 5 AM. But everyone survived, some maybe a bit worse for the wear.

There were 52 shooters competing today over 5 demanding stages. Only two shooters made it through without a single penalty on their card and one of them also shot the fastest. While he claimed not to have even touched his gun while we were on hiatus, Roger Henn was in top form winning the Open and Overall titles today. In Carry Optics, Kevin Leonhardt easily took the top spot and was helped by a 104.6% classifier (yes, it was numerically higher than 100%). It was Jason Welch taking the Limited title and Robert Torres cruising to the win in Production. Don Albares won over in PCC and David Pape rounded out the winners column in Single Stack. Maybe it was too much for the first match back, but then again, life in general hasn’t been easy lately.

We greatly appreciate everyone coming out to share the return to fun in Biloxi. We had good help in getting things put away (thank you) and were out of there in near record time, even with the heat. We can’t promise cooler weather next month, but we can guarantee more challenging stages. Thank you for your support.

For the complete match results, click the score computer at the right.

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  1. Kevin Martin
    June 29, 2020 at 7:01 AM

    Thanks, Bill, for these match updates. I enjoy reading them when I was there and appreciate them even more when I’m not able to make the match. Thanks for all you do for this club.

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