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JJ Racaza Shooting Class in Slidell, LA June 18-19, 2020

On June 18 and 19, JJ Racaza will be doing a class at the FBI Range (Range3) Camp Villere located at 34845 Grantham College Road, see below for details and detailed directions with map.  No special id is needed to get on base during this time period.

The class cost $600.00.  Email jessica.racaza@yahoo.com to sign up for the course.

JJ Racaza is a highly accomplished trainer, world-class competition shooter, and former Federal Agent.  JJ is a 3-time world speed shooting champion and he has broken and held multiple world speed shooting records.  As a 3-time US Gold Team Member for the World Shooting Championships, JJ led the US Team in 2011 and 2014 to a Gold Medal.  In 2011 he was ranked #2 in the world in the open category, in 2014 he was #2 in the production class and in 2017 he was ranked #2 in the open category.  JJ is a Triple Grand Master in the USPSA and he was also a high-ranking competitor on the History Channel’s Top Shot television program. JJ’s secret to success was his drive to learn and master both the fundamentals and movement. Not having the ability to shoot as much as his competitors, he needed to find other ways to remain competitive by identifying aspects of his shooting that he could improve without needing a range to do so. Through many years of trial and error and constant work and development, JJ is now known throughout the industry for his movement capabilities.  These concepts that JJ has spent his shooting career developing, he shares with his students in these classes.

JJ’s instructor and professional credentials are equally impressive.  He is a former Federal Law Enforcement Officer with the Department of Homeland Security.  During his government service, among other aspects of his job, he served as a Lead Firearms Instructor, Field Training Officer, and law enforcement academy instructor.  JJ is certified from the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) as an instructor in firearms, non-lethal training, and defensive tactics.

Course Description –

JJ Racaza Two Day Pistol Course

In this two day course you will learn: the micro details of what it takes to pull a trigger fast while maintaining a high level of accuracy. Here is a quick breakdown of what we cover in class.

CONCEPT: 90-10%

LEVEL 1 Course: (C – GM)


  1. trigger control: learning the techniques of pulling the trigger faster than you ever have and achieve the same if not better accuracy/precision.
  2. single target breakdowns
  3. being present
  4. calling your shots
  5. shooting becomes sensory which leads to instinctive shooting
  6. understanding the difference between shooting vs. movement
  7. rhythm/cadence fire
  8. visual patience
  9. far too many work on being patient when they do not yet possess the skill sets to make a good shot, which just causes undue delay to their shooting


  1. transitions
  2. multiple target breakdown
  3. fat line vs. bump transitions
  4. rhythm/cadence fire
  5. timing drills
  6. tachypsychia
  8. entering and leaving positions

– timing

– 3 must know techniques on exits

– entering (90-10%)

  1. mindset
  2. visualization
  3. techniques on stage breakdown
  4. field course analysis
  5. levels of comprehension
  6. stimulus vs. response
  7. speed
  8. accuracy
  9. drills to target specific skills
  10. Shooting and Moving
  11. Shooting while Moving
  12. body positioning (stance)
  13. field course analysis
  14. 3 vital techniques to apply that allows me to identify the best way to run/ attack a field course
  15. mental focus discussion and application
  16. application

Basic shooting knowledge and range experience required.  Shooting experience of at least one year.  No age requirement.  Understanding of gun safety and range rules.  You must supply your own handgun.  Ammo requirements are approximately 500 rounds per day, for a total of 1,000 rounds.

Please bring the following to the course:

  1. Firearm
  2. 1,000 rounds minimum of ammo
  3. Proper clothing for the weather
  4. Snacks and plenty of water
  5. Eye and ear protection
  6. Belt, weapon, magazine holster

Please let me know if you need anything else!




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