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February 2020 Poplarville pistol match results

Dawson PrecisionAfter a difficult few months of crappy weather for the South Mississippi matches, we managed to get one in at Poplarville today. The turnout was a bit sparse, and it was reported that at least one pre-registered shooter had come down with the Corona virus (not the Chinese one…). However, there were 26 shooters who got to enjoy some really fun stages today. When people want to shoot your stages again after the match just to see what the best way to do something is, then you have done well. This happened with two of them today.

The five stages didn’t offer particularly huge round counts, but they presented some interesting shooting problems to solve. The exercise known as Formal Portrait really pushed the shooter to demonstrate the fundamentals that are so important to this sport. Some did and some stumbled. The all-steel stage known as Wait For It was probably the one where you really had to shoot it both ways to see which was better. As we all know, consistency beats a smokin’ hot run followed by a spectacular melt-down any day. It came down to being best in speed and accuracy, as Bryan Tullos took just enough time off from his motorcycle adventuring to turn in a stellar performance. He won all five stages outright and had the lowest overall time. Congratulations, Bryan, on the Open and Overall wins! In second was Blayne Dupuy with the Carry Optics win. Blayne was fast but shooting Minor versus Major cut down his points a bit. First in Limited went to Sal Labruzza (congratulations, Sal!), while in Single Stack, David Pape was tops. Charles Alexander won PCC and Bryce Dupuy made it a family sweep with his Production win.

With the light turnout, we were done shooting by Noon, and on the way home shortly after that. Thanks again to all the shooters who were able to make it to the match today. Your support is appreciated. And, to those that helped with the match tear-down, thank you as well. At least the road is in better shape these days and with hunting season over, it should stay that way for most of this year.

For the complete match results from today, click the score computer at the right.

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