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January 2020 Biloxi USPSA pistol match – *WEATHER UPDATE*

It looks like rain for tomorrow, but we are going to wait until the morning to make a final decision. Everyone registered in Practiscore will receive an email no later than 6 AM with either:

Yes, we are shooting


No, we cancelled.

If you are traveling from a long ways away, please wait for the email. If we get to shoot, then you can leave then and we will guarantee you will get to shoot when you arrive.

If it still looks like rain, we will cancel, because shooting 5 classifiers in sloppy conditions is not fair to you. However, the weatherman is occasionally wrong, so we are holding out hope the rain misses us.

So, you will get an email by 6 am on Sunday morning, either saying we ARE shooting or ARE NOT shooting.

Thanks for your support, everyone.

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