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December 2019 Poplarville pistol match results

Dawson PrecisionIt was yet another great weather day in Poplarville, but the action was as hot as Summer. There were six challenging stages that pushed the 33 shooters for much of the morning. The match was paced perfectly as the three squads moved at their own pace with no one waiting on the squad in front of them.

This was the last match of the year for us and it seemed to be well received. I got several compliments on the stages. The Open people were treated to an unusual day of reloading where every single stage required a reload for one reason or another. We’re not used to that but it’s always good to get the live practice-under-pressure in.

The stages seemed to favor one person today, and he took advantage of it. The overall winner was Roger Henn (shooting Open) with an outstanding performance. Of the six stages, he won five outright and was 5th on the other one. It was clearly his day. In another great performance, David Pape was 1st in Limited and 4th overall. He, too, has been on a tear lately. Ethan Boudreaux took the Carry Optics win while Jonathan Parker won in PCC. And finally, in Production, Scott Braaten was the winner. Congratulations, Roger! Pretty much everything you did today was right on. The 15% win over the old man was just icing on the cake. I’m sure he is proud of you.

As we wrap up 2019, I want to thank everyone who has supported our club. The help getting everything picked up has been at an all-time high recently. We have people driving out of their way to come to the matches, so we must be doing something right. I hope we can do even better in 2020.

For the complete match results from today, click the score computer at the right.

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