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November 2019 Biloxi (DSSA) pistol match results


It was back to business as usual in Biloxi after missing last month due to the Gator Classic. I bet more than a few of you forgot just how diabolical Gerwin can be when he gets his mind into it. He talked about carnival games at the shooters meeting and he delivered. The weather was fantastic, while the shooting… well, good for some.

It was a bit of a light turnout with just 37 shooters, but that didn’t dampen the enthusiasm of those that did come out. The aptly named I Hate You (aka Stage 2) was not so kind to a lot of the competitors and I swear there were magazines piling up on a couple of spots as folks went to war with the remnants of a Texas Star. It helps to remember that sometimes taking a miss can be the best choice. It seems so wrong to think that way, but when a plate can only be seen screaming by for a half second and then disappears for about 3 seconds, you gotta know your limits. A hard earned lesson for some, I think. Here is a video from one who did well there.

You can bet the winner didn’t have any issues there, either. Or anywhere else for that matter. Today’s winner in overall also took the Open division with a very solid performance, winning by 8.5%. Congratulations once again to John Nguyen for his second USPSA match victory in a row (he won the newly resurrected Hattiesburg match last week). In second for the second week in a row was Roger Henn, also in Open. In the Limited division, it was James Dykes taking the win, while Kevin Leonhardt took Carry Optics. In Production, it was Brandon Guillory taking the honors. The PCC winner was Charles Alexander, while David Pape cruised to an easy win in Single Stack.

Obviously, today was tougher than it first appeared to be. There weren’t a lot of hoser stages, so points AND time were really rewarded today. Just when you were getting on a roll, a partial target would get in your face and force you to change gears. Good execution won out over a great plan. There was only one shooter with zero Mikes today, and that was our self-proclaimed Alpha Turtle guy. It was a good challenge.

Thank you to everyone for supporting our club and for helping with stage tear-down. It is greatly appreciated. We will see you next month, same time, same place.

For the complete match results, click the score computer at the right.

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