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November 2019 Brothers N Arms USPSA Match Results

It was a triumphant return to action in Hattiesburg today, with 61 people coming out for the new Brothers N Arms match. What was new was the match staff. Nick Brandt has taken over as Match Director and Bryce Dupuy as chief stage designer. He designed the stages, and along with his brother Blayne and their dad also built all 7 stages for today’s match. Great job, guys!

Couple this new team with perfect weather and you have a great day of shooting. Seven stages and six squads indicates the desire is still there for a match in Hattiesburg. We thank all the shooters for the support. We know many of you traveled a long way to shoot with us, sometimes eschewing a closer match just because of the quality you have come to expect from this match. We really appreciate your confidence in us.

While the match staff has changed, the names at the top of the leader board look more familiar. With the overall and Open division win was none other than John Nguyen. It was pretty close with Roger Henn in second by just 1%. Steve Tannetta had one of the best matches of anyone with his Limited win and 3rd overall. He shot really well, even with 3 Mikes. One of those was on the classifier, and he still shot a 92.3% score. That’s a high M score with a Mike. Without that Mike, he would have been about 115%. It was that good. Carry Optics had a big crowd today and the win went to Blayne Dupuy. His older brother, Bryce, crushed the Production field and took 5th overall. Jonathan Parker took the PCC title, while John Causey finished first in Single Stack.

Thank you again to everyone for coming out, and a huge thanks to the new match staff for putting on this match. We’ll see you next month.

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