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October 2019 Poplarville pistol match results

Dawson Precision What a nice match today! The weather was pleasant for a change, and the stages were challenging but certainly fun. The company was great, as well. Who could ask for more?

Out of the 26 shooters that took on the five stages today, only three were able to shoot a clean match. That didn’t guarantee a win, though, because appearances were deceiving. Nothing looked particularly hard, but I guess it was right around the zone of where most people start disrespecting the targets. Too far to point shoot, but too close to aim (LOL!). We all know we need to aim all the time, but many of us took it for granted and tallied some Mikes or the dreaded no-shoot. But taking time to “get your hits” isn’t always the answer, either. You just need to “…shoot at the speed of sight¹.”

The setup today certainly did favor the hi-cap guns, especially the never-empty PCC. It should therefore come as no surprise that a PCC shooter took top honors. Congratulations to Jason Welch for the overall and PCC division wins by almost 4% (overall). Bill Jackson was the Open winner today and actually had the lowest overall time but ate a few too many Mikes to catch Jason. In Limited, David Pape was the top shooter (one of the three shooters with a clean score card). Brian Dolly won the Carry Optics group, while Bryce Dupuy was the winner over in Production. And, speaking of Dupuy, congratulations to both Bryce and Blayne for their outstanding performances at the recent Hi-Cap Nationals in Utah. They will also be representing Mississippi in the Lo-cap Nationals in Florida next month.

Thanks once again to all those that helped get the toys loaded back up at the end of the match and to everyone who is able to support your club as a member. Your match dollars will soon be helping us fix the road permanently, plus add some actual bays to the range. Also, we were trying out the new AMG Lab Commander timers on two of the squads today. So far, the results are fantastic. Just push one button on the score tablet and the time automatically appears on the tablet. And, the three-string memory in the timer has already saved a few re-shoots. But the best feature is how the timer enhances the Practiscore Competitor experience. Unfortunately, that feature seemed to be on the fritz today, but when there, it shows the times of ALL your shots on the entire stage. If you like to analyze your performance against your video, this is the perfect complement. We’ll get it figured out and hopefully get the match updated to display your shot times in addition to the total string time.

**UPDATE** The problem has been resolved with the individual shot times appearing in Practiscore Competitor. For squads 3 and 4, you can refresh your scores in Competitor and see your individual shot times now. This is what you should look for, the stopwatch icon circled in red.









And, in case you hadn’t seen the good news, the Hattiesburg match is coming back next month! Read all about it here.

For the complete match results from today, click the score computer at the right.

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