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February Brothers N Arms USPSA Match Results

What started out as a fairly dreary morning turned out to be a really nice day for a pistol match, even if we did have to wade in some mud on a few stages.  Turn out was good, with 41 folks coming out, and Justin came through again with five great stages that had multiple solutions and made every shooter have to think.  Thanks again to those who were able to get there early enough to help Cliff and I with final set up.  We can’t tell you enough how much your efforts are appreciated!

At the end of the day, there were some familiar names at the top of the scoreboard, but the top shooter let no doubt about the who the winner was.The top shooter both overall and in Open division by more than 5% was John Nguyen.  David Pape was the only non-Open division shooter in the top five, taking the number three spot overall and first in Limited.  Mathew Dozier simply owned the  CO division by almost 20% over his nearest competitor.  Stephen Maduell squeaked out a win in Production, beating out Stoney Steele by less than half a percent.  Robert Campbell was the decisive winner in Single Stack, Ruth Mahley was number one in PCC and Jim Lowman was our Revolver winner.  You can see the full results on both Practiscore and on USPSA.

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