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Max Leograndis PCC Class in Biloxi

Got a cool, new PCC but not sure how to shoot a “rifle” in a pistol match? Learn how from 2-time USPSA PCC Nationals champion Max Leograndis in either of two 2-day classes being offered at the Coast Rifle and Pistol Club in Biloxi, MS on March 30-31 and April 1-2.

Each of the two identical classes is designed to provide self-motivated students with the knowledge they need to shortcut their progression as a practical shooter. Technical aspects of competition shooting will be the main focus, but the theme of how to practice and self-diagnose efficiently will be incorporated into all class segments.

Students will leave the class with all the resources they need to make their own training plan. That includes a list of areas where they’ve identified deficiencies as well as a plan to address those deficiencies based on class experience and their notes.

Note: While most students will likely be PCC shooters, handgun shooters are welcome and will receive the same value.

Topics Covered:

  • Fundamentals: Stance, Grip, Trigger, and Manipulations
  • Target Transitions and Vision
  • Stage Planning and Efficiency
  • Movement Techniques and Momentum Management
  • Visualization, Mental Programming, and Execution
  • Planning and Optimizing Practice

Required Equipment:

  • PCC (or handgun) with a zeroed sight or irons
  • 1000 rounds of ammunition and multiple magazines
  • Notebook and pen
  • A PCC sling is optional but recommended
  • this will serve the same purpose as a holster, allowing students to stay loaded during periods of instruction as well as preventing fatigue
  • Drinks/Snacks/Lunch
  • Cell phone or other video recording device highly recommended

The cost of the 2-day class is just $480, which is non-refundable unless your spot is able to be filled. Classes begin at 8 AM and end at 4 PM each day. You can choose either class, based on availability.

If you are interested in this class, please contact Kevin Leonhardt at leonhardt8@yahoo.com.

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