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January 2019 Poplarville 3-Gun match results

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With the New Year and January, one thing is certain. The weather is either really great or really miserable. We lucked out and got the great weather. It was the nicest day I can remember shooting anywhere in a very long time. It was crisp at 6:45 AM but by the time the match started, it was short sleeve weather. The Sun was out, the humidity gone and the temperature was perfect. We even had a really good turnout for a 3-gun match. The past two matches had just 11 shooters each, but the nice weather brought out a handful more, and 18 folks got to enjoy some just fun stages. There weren’t any super long rifle shots, and minimal shotgun reloading, but lots of challenges for everyone to solve. The long-ish range stuff still gets people who don’t seem to have their rifles dialed in at distance, but those who did were able to put some space between themselves and the quantity instead of quality shooters.

Although the results are not surprising for the overall winner, the rest of the field was a mixed bag. On top once again was Kevin Leonhardt, who won all four stages outright (although one was really close). His daughter, Morgan, shot extremely well on three stages and had one of her best 3-gun finishes in Poplarville ever. Some people seemed to have a couple of good stages, but got crushed on others and that affected their overall score. But we all had fun, and that’s what’s important!

My squad today was one of the best I have ever had because everyone did their part and we moved along at a blistering pace. Thank you to squad 2 for being awesome today! We also were totally done and picked up by 1 PM, which is also a record for 3-gun. Sure, having somewhat quicker than normal stages helped, but no one complained about the lack of 3-digit time stages and found the stages to be compliment worthy. That means a lot to the setup team for all the hard work that went into designing and building the stages. If you enjoyed today’s match, then be sure to come back next Sunday where we will shoot 3 of today’s stages again, only this time with just pistols (with very minor mods, like no clay pigeons).

The help at the end of the match getting all the props cleaned up and loaded was also greatly appreciated. Everyone pitched in and it went quickly. Thanks again to everyone for coming out today and enjoying a perfect day of shooting.

The match scores can be accessed by clicking the score computer to the right.

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