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December Brothers N Arms USPSA Match Results

Dammit boy, this was a wet year!  Hopefully, 2019 will have a little more sunshine on the weekends.  A year ago, with the rain that we had this week, today’s match would have had to be cancelled.  Thanks to the constant work and maintenance of our range owners, such was not the case today.  Thirty-four shooters were able to enjoy moderate temps under overcast skies and it was only muddy in the paces where it was wet.  😀  Joking aside, the Green family has worked very hard to try to continuously improve their facilities and those efforts are really starting to pay dividends.

As you know this is a volunteer sport and I continue to be impressed with our local competitors in this regard.  We had tons of help with final setup this morning ( you have no idea how much this appreciated) and tear down today was incredibly fast.  A special shout out to Squad Three.  They finished first and not only broke down their last stage, but the the stage next to them as well.  This kind of effort is invaluable when you have six stages but only four squads.  Thank you!

The top five spots were dominated by Open and Limited shooters, but the top dog today wasOpen shooter Phillip Sexton, taking both the overall win and the the top spot in the Open division.  David Pape wasn’t far behind in the number three spot overall and winning Limited.  Max Michel, Sr. was the winner in Carry Optics and Don Albares pretty much walked away with the win in PCC.  Ken Hablitzel was number one in Production and Robert Campbell led the pack in Single Stack.  Full scores can be found here on Practiscore and here on USPSA

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