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November 2018 Brothers N Arms USPSA Pistol Match

What started out as a brisk morning warmed up before the first shots. The weather turned out to be quite nice pretty much the whole day as most shooters shed the warm layers quicker than a JJ Racaza double tap. Forty shooters competed on six great stages, with big rounds counts abounding. Not exactly Gator style hosing, nor Nationals style technical shooting but a good mix of fast and slow shooting with just enough movement to keep it interesting.

When the last shots were fired and the scores synced, it was Phillip Sexton coming out on top. He won both Open division and Overall with a very speedy performance. Steve Tannetta took a hard fought victory in Limited. Michael McDonald easily won Production, while Bill Mahley switched to “Welfare Open” (aka Carry Optics) for today’s match and won there. In PCC, Robert Jones debutted his new CK Arms carbine and discovered that the magic dot isn’t always where you expect it to be. But that didn’t stop him from winning said division. And finally, Bill Ferrell took Single Stack.

Thank you to everyone for coming out today and helping with the tear-down.

Full scores can be found on Practiscore right now, while the USPSA scores will be uploaded later.

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