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October Brothers N Arms USPSA Pistol Match

Dense fog gave some of our shooters with longer drives issues, and there was a very slight sprinkle towards the end of the match, but other than that, the day’s weather was relatively mild i.e. warm and doggone humid.  Forty-one competitors took advantage of it and enjoyed five challenging stages plus a classifier that that I think no one hopes shows up again anytime soon.  Kudos once again to Justin Green for some very fun stages that were a great combination of movement and strategy.   As always, thanks for all of the help with set up and breakdown, especially those folks that were there at 7 am.  You know who you are!

The top five spots were closely contested by largely the same 5 competitors, with the day’s top two shooters trading number one on almost every stage like a couple of prize fighters going toe to toe.  When the smoke cleared though, the top dog both overall and in Open, but by only slightly more than two percent, was Brandon Guillory.  He even owned that PITA classifier by over 3.00%.  Our number two slugger, overall and in Open, was John Nguyen.  Aaron Fitzgerald got his licks in, taking number one in PCC and third overall.  Sal LaBruzza was the winner in Limited and Arthur Calimaran walked away with number one in Carry Optics.  Michael McDonald was first in Production and Robert Campbell won Single Stack.  A special thank you to Jim Lowman, who was first in Revolver and stayed long after everyone else was gone to help with final break down.  Full scores can be found on both Practiscore and at USPSA.org.

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